19th Hole Exhibitor Spotlight: EyeLoc, Ember Exotic Putters & Kentucky Royalty

By: Rick Limpert for WorldAmGolf.com

Exhibitors reported a great deal of floor traffic on the opening night of the World's Largest 19th Hole.  We caught up with three popular exhibitors to see how their 2014 is going and what they have new to offer at the Myrtle Beach World Am.

EyeLoc's Mark Zander wants to improve your golf game. His EyeLoc glasses can do just that.

EyeLoc Head Gear is eyewear designed as a training aid to help keep a golfer's eyes focused on the ball.

Adjust the vertical lines to get that sharp line and with the slightest head or eye movement, your line will come off the ball.

Zander says response to his invention has been fantastic.

"It's been amazing," said Zander while manning his booth in Myrtle Beach. "We are here to have a great show and for $59.95, a golfer can improve his or her game for three $20 bills."

Where it really can help you keep your head down is in putting.

"Putting isn't glamourous and we understand that," added Zander. "Take five minutes and put these on and get over the ball. If you shoot and 86 and not a 93, you're happy; so give it a try.

Kentucky Royalty/Altera
Golf socks made from Alpaca fibers?

Yes, and they are comfortable and functional.

Shawn Malloy owns 150 Alpacas on his farm in Kentucky and he's in his sixth year of making high performance Alpaca socks that are used by hikers, hunters, and branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.
Golfers can now take advantage of that same technology.

"This is our third year at the show and all of our socks are made right here in the U.S.A.," explains Malloy. "Unlike other socks, these really are "all natural" and there are no chemicals in these socks."

Malloy says these socks are ultra-durable and can survive in excess of 100 washes.

His brands are Kentucky Royalty and Altera and his booth is located right near the main entrance.

For prices of $10, $15 and $20: how can you go wrong?

http://kentuckyroyalty.com/ and www.alteraalpaca.com

Ember Exotic Wood Putters
Looking for a unique putter that will let you stand out in a crowd?

Look no further than Ember Exotic Wood Putters.

Dublin, Ohio's Mike Keith is the founder of and resident artist at Ember Exotic Wood Putters. Keith, a retired businessman, is now following his passions in golf and wood carving to create putters that truly are a work of art.

"I started out making them for family and friends," said Keith. "I was having such a good time, I kept making them."

Keith says this is his second World Am and he's having another great time.

Stop by Ember Exotic Wood Putters on the show floor and see what Keith has been working on. If you are really looking for something different, ask to see his line of "redneck putters."