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Compete For The Chance To Win A Golf Trip Of A Lifetime!

The Pairs Competition has been a long standing tournament during the Myrtle Beach World Amateur. This year we are glad to have partnered with Club Choice Ireland to bring the best grand prize in the tournament's history.

For just $50 per player ($100 per team), you'll be playing for 6 night's stay and 5 rounds of golf in golfer's paradise: Ireland!

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Club Choice Ireland - A Leader In Ireland Golf Vacations

Club Choice Ireland, a 100% Irish company, is now one of the leading incoming golf tour operators in Ireland with thousands of golfers travelling with them each year. They are a full member of the International Golf Tour Operators Association. They are also fully endorsed by the Irish National Tourism bodies and the Irish Government.

The Club Choice Ireland Pairs Competition's packages are tailored specifically for World Am participants. Each package offers you the chance to play on some of Ireland’s most challenging and beautiful golf courses as well as staying at some of the finest hotels and resorts Ireland has to offer.

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Itinerary Grand Prize Summary 


Rules of Competition

Entry fee is $50 per person or $100 per team. You may play on multiple teams. IE: If Player A and Player B sign up as a team for $100, Player A and Player C can also sign up a team for an additional $100.

Grand Prize: Set golf trip to Ireland booked through Club Choice Ireland, for two people only, including 6 night’s accommodation; 6 Full Irish Breakfasts; 5 rounds of golf and car hire. Airfare from continental North America or Europe to be booked by the World Am. Grand Prize is valid through December 31st, 2019. All dates are subject to availability. Click here for a full prize itinerary.

2nd-10th Are discounts to the 2019 World Amateur!

2nd Place: $250 off
3rd Place: $150 off
4th Place: $100 off
5th Place: $75 off
6th – 10th Place: $50 off

See registration for full terms & conditions.

The competition will consist of two-person teams of any two World Am participants.  Players can sign up as a team OR as a single and be paired randomly. Teams compete in their respective World Am flights and play 72-holes of combined net stroke play in relation to course ratings. The top five (5) teams will qualify to compete in the Championship Round on Friday.


If all competitors are not able to complete any round on any given day, that day’s score will not be used to compute the totals for ALL teams. One completed tournament round will constitute a tournament.


Because we utilize scoring based on course ratings and slopes, there will be one flight/division for all teams no matter what flight(s) your team plays in.


Your World Am Tournament index will also serve as your index for competition.


A tie for fifth to determine who plays Friday will be broken based on the lowest team score in relation to course rating on the final round of play within competition. If there is still a tie, the next tie break is Wednesday, Tuesday, then Monday. Same for 10th place ties.

Ties on Friday will be broken using combined team net back 9 scores, then team front 9 nine.  If a tie still exists, it will be broken using the lowest individual 18 hole net score from Friday, then individual back 9, then individual front 9.  If a tie still exists (or Friday was not completed), it will be broken using the combined team net scores in relation to course rating from the most recent completed tournament round going backwards. The final tie breaker will be broken using the lowest individual net score from the most completed tournament round going backwards.


If during the course of play at the World Am either team member is disqualified, their team will also be disqualified from the competition. No refunds will be given to either party. All decisions of the World Amateur Golf tournament committee are final.

If you must cancel prior to the start of play, be sure to identify you are participating in the Pairs Competition to process your refund appropriately.


Scoring is by cumulative course ratings. A course rating measures your target net score for the day. Someone playing a rating of 67 is more capable to shoot a net 67 than someone playing a rating of 70. Because World Am utilizes ratings of all ranges, we utilize course rating to ensure a level playing field.

Example: Player A and Player B both shoot net 70. Player A played a golf course with a rating of 67, while Player B on a course rating of 71. In the Pairs Competition, Player A will be shown as +3 (70-67) while Player B will be shown as -1 (70-71). Player B’s net 70 was better because it was done on a course that is four strokes more difficult. Par is irrelevant.

To take net score into consideration, those with a easy course rating would have an unfair advantage over those playing difficult courses.

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