Golf means different things to different people, but for so many it has served as a familial bond, uniting parents and children in a game that transcends age, adolescence and nearly everything else.
This "tournament within a tournament" is as much about honoring the bond between golf and family, as it is golf competition. The Mark & Cory Lemke Parent-Child Championship is open, free of charge, to any combination of parent and child Thursday (122)participating in the World Amateur.

The event will be played in Myrtle Beach in honor of Cory Lemke, who won his flight at the age of 15 in 2002. Cory and his father, Mark, a 12-year World Am tournament participant, played countless rounds of golf together, the game serving as a common ground between a son growing into manhood and his father. Cory Lemke tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident in 2006, but his memory lives on through the Mark & Cory Lemke Parent-Child Championship.

Just like the World Amateur golf tournament, the Parent-Child Championship is a 72-hole event. A golfer’s net score from the World Amateur is also his or her score for the Parent-Child golf tournament. At the conclusion of 72 holes, the duo with the lowest combined net score wins the championship. The top 5 finishers receive prizes.


How Do I Register?

The Mark & Cory Lemke Parent-Child Championship is FREE of charge to any parent/child relationship (i.e - son, daughter, nephew, grandfather, grandmother, step-son, step-daughter, etc.) Both participants MUST be signed up to play in the Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship to be eligible for the Mark & Cory Lemke Parent-Child Championship. Registration will open shortly after World Am entry has opened.


What Does it Cost?

FREE. The event is open to the first 150 teams that register.

Can I compete in both the World Am and Parent-Child Championship?

Yes, if you register for the Parent-Child Championship you will compete in the World Am as usual. The Tournament Committee will combine your and your partner's net scores to establish your team's daily combined net team score.

Tournament Format

  • Two-person teams (team can consist of any combination of parent and child).
  • 72-hole combined net team score. The five teams with the lowest scores after 72-holes will win prizes. The team with the lowest combined net score wins the Cory Lemke Parent/Child Championship.

Rules and Regulations

All applicable Rules and Regulations for the World Amateur Handicap Championship apply for the Mark & Cory Lemke Parent-Child Championship.

All amateur golfers with an established USGA Slope Handicap or equivalent 18-hole handicap competing in the World Amateur Handicap Championship are eligible. Entrants from outside the U.S. must have equally verifiable amateur golf handicaps.


For purposes of the Mark & Cory Lemke Parent-Child Championship, there will be one flight/division for all teams. The two-person teams may consist of male/male, female/female, or male/female.


The top five teams will receive prizes. Ties for prizes will be broken using the combined net team scores from the last day of competition, if necessary, subsequent daily combined net scores will be used to break ties beginning with Wednesday’s scores; if ties still exist, 9-hole combined totals will be used starting with the back nine scores of Thursday’s round.


If during this golf event at the World Amateur, either team member is disqualified because of a rules infraction or handicap discrepancy, their team will also be disqualified from the Parent-Child golf competition. All decisions of the Rules Committee are final.


The USGA Rules of Golf will govern play. Local rules at each course will apply. The Rules Committee will resolve all disputes regarding any aspect of tournament play. The decisions of the Committee are final.

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