Be A World Am Ambassador!

Word of mouth has been and will continue to be this tournament’s best avenue for reaching new participants. The growth of the World Am has long been tied to our players going out and telling their friends about their great experiences over the years and convincing them to give it a try. We want to show our appreciation for those efforts through our referral program. Each friend you refer nets you a $50 credit towards next year's or the year after's entry fee!

Here's How It Works:

Find someone who has not previously played in the World Am to participate in this year's event.

When they are registering, have them select "referred by a friend" in "how did you hear about the event?"

In the next field, have them enter your PLAYER ID in the next box when it asks for their "Referral Code (player ID)".

Once the event is over, you will receive a credit code worth $50 for each player you referred! This code can be used to discount next year's or the year after next's entry fee.

It’s that easy! The more people you tell about the World Am, the less you will pay in 2019 or 2020. 

Don’t know your PLAYER ID number? Click here!


We'll make it easy for you to spread the word! Fill out the form below and an email will be sent to your friends or family members on your behalf inviting them to check out the Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship! The form will include information on how they can give you the credit for their referral, earning you $50 off a future trip to the World Am.


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    Terms and Conditions: The referred player must be have never played in the tournament previously. The new participant must enter the referring player’s PLAYER ID in the referral code box at time of registration. We cannot accept a referral after the entry has been submitted or by any other means of communication. No exceptions. Credit codes expire following the 2020 World Am. Credits codes for the full amount earned will be sent via email. Credits are non-transferable. The new player does not receive a credit for being referred, though is immediately eligible to refer their own friends once they have registered for the tournament.

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