Big Break, the Blue Dogs and Swallowing a Yellow Jacket

It’s moving day at the World Am on the course and another fun-filled evening should await off of it.

The tournament has enjoyed better weather than it has in years this week, and Wednesday, while a little warmer, was no exception.

Before we get into today’s activities, let’s enjoy a quick look at some of the media attention the tournament has attracted.

-- Alan Blondin of the Sun News filed an entertaining report on the man who holds the unofficial record for most beers drank in World Am history.

-- Golf Getaways magazine with a story on the guys who have played in all 30 World Ams, including a cringe inducing tale about swallowing a yellow jacket.

With the third round of the tournament complete, what can you expect to see at the World’s Largest 19th Hole?

Big Break Greenbrier winner Mark Silvers will appear onstage, providing a look behind the curtain on the popular Golf Channel reality show.

The food menu will feature a “Backyard Blitz” theme, complete with hamburgers, hot dogs, deli subs, tacos, chicken wings and chili! Expect the 10 food stations to keep people moving smoothly and get ready to enjoy another tasty menu.

Brad Redding, one of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers, will be providing onstage instruction.

The live entertainment in the ballroom will be the Blue Dogs, a Charleston-based band that has release nine CDs.

The band has performed on the same stage with such well-known and diverse artists as Willie Nelson, Widespread Panic, Bruce Hornsby, and Hootie and the Blowfish. They have also received national exposure by singing the national anthem at the final Southern 500 NASCAR race in Darlington SC in 2004, and in 2007 performing as the house band on a week’s worth of Wheel of Fortune shows.