Secrets of a Vanity Handicapper

Raise your hand if you played high school and/or collegiate golf. Keep it raised if you are still limber, aren’t paying three college tuitions and still knock that little white ball around 30+ times a year. I thought so. Here lies the origins of the vanity handicapper, aka the reverse bagger. The beginnings of a […]

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one man changed the world am

The Time Cory Changed The World… AM

Not all handicap calculation services were created equal. Since the dawn of the internet, hundreds upon hundreds of dot com services have claimed to offer USGA approved handicap calculations. From places like to, we’ve seen it all– and they aren’t pretty.   When you think about it, who wouldn’t try to take advantage […]

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caddy on tv

The Time I Was A Caddy For A Week

Part of working in the golf business means you get to meet some very interesting and talented people. There’s one person out there who has always had my back and helped me out professionally on the way. This time he outdid himself. After another successful year working with the Monday after the Masters Pro-Am it was time […]

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