Charlie Rymer Brings Humor to 19th Hole

Charlie_Katrek"Can you believe I got a "D" in public speaking (class) at Georgia Tech?"

The Golf Channel's Charlie Rymer may have surprised a few in the crowd on Monday night at the World's Largest 19th Hole at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, but as Rymer himself noted, he's been making a living entertaining golf fans for the last 18 years with that same public speaking talent.

Rymer, born in Tennessee, but raised in South Carolina, seemed at home on stage in front of large gathering of World Am participants, exchanging banter with fellow broadcasters, John Maginnes and Brian Katrek. Rymer and Maginess, both former PGA Tour professionals grew up playing junior golf together in the Carolinas and they shared stories from their golf careers, including tales of their worst caddies and how close they came to winning on the big tour.

The likeable Rymer joined Golf Channel in 2008 and serves as a co-host for Morning Drive, the network’s popular daily news and lifestyle program. He also contributes to other programs on the network and is known by golf fans for his quick wit and brings “down home” humor to a serious sport.

Rymer, no stranger to Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area, looked happy to be home and among friends.

"I love South Carolina as I grew up here. I love coming back and love talking about Myrtle Beach on TV."

Rymer also spent the evening taking on Hall of Fame billiards player, Ewa Laurance, and answering questions and taking selfies with his legion of fans.

An accomplished junior and college golfer, Rymer now enjoys not only watching the best players in the world match up with the toughest courses around the world, but he also loves interacting with PGA professionals at the grassroots level.

"I learned this great game from PGA professionals," stated Rymer. "These men had a profound impact on my life. I learned how to play golf from PGA professionals. But I learned so much more than that. I learned how to dress and act and speak. I learned how to conduct a golf clinic and how to make people laugh. I learned how to make people comfortable in tense situations. I learned how to win and more importantly how to lose. I learned about respect, integrity, honesty and work."

All traits Rymer exhibits each morning on Morning Drive, making him one of the most popular golf personalities in the country. All from a guy that got a "D" in public speaking class.