We are looking for your LOWEST INDEX IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS. It is imperative that you submit the correct information in order to be eligible for prizes.

Please view the video tutorials below if you are not 100% sure how to locate it. Once you are comfortable finding your lowest index in the past 12 months, please proceed to the Handicap Verification Form.

Please call 1-800-833-8798 if you need assistance.



Video Tutorials

The below videos will show you how to find your lowest 12 month handicap index! Please watch the following based on which handicap service you utilize.

Some services may not have access to a lowest 12 month handicap revision. Should you keep an index with one of these services you will be required to call us to fill out your handicap submission form. Do not attempt to fill out the form on your own if you are unsure what your "low 12" is. Do not hesitate to contact us.

GHIN "Low 12" Tutorial

Golfnet "Low 12" Tutorial

US Handicap.com "Low 12" Tutorial

USHandicap.com services:

  • USHandicap.com is a "Type III" club. Meaning you are not a member of a physical golf course. The service can be for anyone located in the United States. Your "Club Name" will likely be listed as a major metropolitan city followed by a number. IE: If you live in Concord, NC - your club name may be "Charlotte Area #45". USHandicap.com is the same service provided complimentary to participants that did not have a handicap prior to registering for the World Am.


Still unsure?
Didn’t see your web service listed? Not tech savvy? If you’re still not sure where to find this information or we did not cover your handicap service, CALL US!! Our phone number is 1-800-833-8798. We want to get this information 100% accurate and ensure you are in the proper flight with the proper competitors.


Call Us at 1-800-833-8798

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