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Wayne it’s 100% worth the price. Not because of the food, or the goodie bags and things ms like that. All of that is great and it would be worth it alone.

The real value in this event are the friendships you will gain. After 12 years in this event I can truly say I now have friends all over the country and all over the world.

I’ve had WorldAm players from all over play with me in my member guest at home. I’ve played with several in theirs. I had a friend from Englad come stay with us a week before last years event. I had a friend from Chicago text me while I was typing this. You will meet some amazing people and a few aholes (Barbas). Lol

All of these people from all of these places I would have never had a chance too meet if it wasn’t for the WorldAm.

All of this coming from a guy who was DWed a few years ago. I don’t always agree with everything they do but if anyone asks me if its worth it it’s 100% yes.

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