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Jason, Always nice meeting new people but when you lose a free place too stay, it is lot nicer convincing the boss (wife) a reason too spend another $1000 too come play and too leave her 4 days of the of the week since the other 2 guys and their wives decided not too attend because of the increase. he has been inviting us the last 3 of 5 years they have been playing too stay with them , My fault, snooze you lose.

David, Does the World Am always conduct business this way , pay first then we will tell you what you get, THATS SOME BS !!!! before I even spend the $525 or put a deposit on a condo I WANT TOO KNOW WHAT I AM GETTING, Can’t believe people pay first then find out, Comes down too it we have been invited too come with the other 2 couples the week before (which the wife wants too do) I just like too experience the competition format once, thank you also

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