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Kirk Roberts

Last year I decided to stay closer to the Convention Center. If you start calling some of the places that have world am discounts you might save enough to make the wife happy. Or check VBRO they have some godw deals as well.
Jason is correct when he said the tournament is juts the tip of what you will remember. Your get to play with different people each day and that makes it easier to meet new friends. I go to the Convention Center to see those people that I have met over the past few years. Granted the initial sticker shock will make you wonder but it is worth the money. Memories are priceless. So if you haven’t entered I recommend that you go on the website and check out the available discounts on lodging…. AND MAKE SURE THEY UNDERSTAND YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT THE WORLD AM DISCOUNT.
Good luck and we will see you in August.

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