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Here is a good idea to reduce to fees for each year. The WAM could have a raffle prize of a full set of golf clubs and free entry fee to the following years event for the winner.

Every one who signs up automatically gets 50 tickets in their name valued at $10 a ticket.

Those who want to get a discount can request that 50 blank tickets be sent to them and they can sell them to their friends and associates. If they sell all 50 tickets and return them they then get a $5 discount per ticket returned with the collected money for the following year. So sell all your tickets and get $250 off the following year. The WAM already had my entry fee then an additional $250 and your entry fee the following is $250 less. Request more tickets for more savings. Logistically it would be a nightmare if all 3400 requested tickets and all had money to return prior to the event but most would just settle to have their name on 50 tickets to avoid the hassle. Those who are desparate for a discount can sell the raffle tickets. I know it not a perfect system but something along these lines could be possible

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