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Rick Kimbrell

First off, let me say that I am not complaining about the $575. And, I also agree that the cost of entry fee increase, while more than I had expected, is still ok for what we get, considering it had not gone up in several years.
Unfortunately every other &%$# thing increased this year. The hotel where we normally stay went up significantly this year. Airfares…geez, where do I start about that. Since American bought out USAir, flights into MB have risen in cost significantly. Flying Delta…well that just sucks. One piece of revenue that Myrtle Beach will not get this year is from Jeff and I flying into MB and renting 2 cars in MB. We are flying into Charleston. Saves us a bunch of money.
So, not sure who all drives to get to MB but we do not. But, in our group off usually between 6 and 8, everyone of us flys in, everyone of us rents a car, everyone of us gets our own hotel room.
Maybe many who are not signing up possibly do the same thing and so the increase in cost of entry fee with the increase in cost of everything else…well maybe they decided not to do it.
So, before I pass judgement on people not entering, I would like to know if it is just the entry fee increase or all the other increases tacked on that have them not signing up.
Oh…and before I step off my soapbox, flying into MB has gotten worse and worse and worse over the years. I just don’t want to waste between 16 and 20 hours sitting in a vehicle when I could be playing golf part of that time, so I don’t drive it any more. I did way back when but no more. Now I will get down off my soapbox. 🙂

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