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Bob Newman

Barry Rhodes did put out on his blog that he did think that D J caused the ball to move based on how close to the ball he was with 2 practice brushing the grass and soleilng his putter that close to the ball. I only saw it on replay in slow motion– BUT when the walking rules official, who spoke with DJ declared he did not cause the ball to move and play from the new position, that should have been the end of it. He make the ruling he did not cause the ball to move, he did not get on the radio to ask for help from the van, HE made the ruling in real time from watching it and talking to dustin, he did not ask “did you sole the putter, he asked did you address the ball. The discussion should have not gone any further that what he ruled on. The USGA did indeed screw this up. I honestly do not think there was high enough grass since they were running 14-15 stemp, for the grounding of the club or the brushing to move enough grass to cause the ball to move. In the truest sense of the rules, if a player is that close to the ball with a putter or club, it could be taken that he caused the ball to move but I do not believe that the conditions of greens was even thought about.

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