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Bob Newman

Scott, I applaud you on being a great company man and taking anything that may look like a negative and putting a positive spin on it. I do not have a problem with a 5 hr 15 min rouond but the last 3 years have spent at least over 6 hr on the course playing in 2 of 4 rounds / yr (this info came from my SkyCaddie watch that start timing when I turn it on on the tee and stops when I am walking off the green. I even found out this past year that some of the group finished in less time (5 hrs) on the same day it took our group 6+ and on the day we finished in 5 other groups were the 6+–so monitoring the course does make a difference. I probably work more true tournaments than you do in a year and pace of play is always a issue we have to deal with constantly and we do not tolerate 6 hr rounds. All it take is one or 2 groups and you can tie up half the field. the courses are making enough on this that they should want us off as fast as possible to get the afternoon groups out. And if this is a tournament, why are we waiting on late arrivals, it is 2 shots for missing a tee time in under 5 min and DQ’s after 5 minutes. I am not a fast plalyer, but I can get around hard courses in 4 1/2 easily and I do not mind the 5 hr to 51/2 hr rouond, but 6 hrs is ridiculous-and I will not do continuous and do not appreciate someone stepping on my line to do so and then if they mess up my line of putt, I am allowed to correct it per the rules, as I am allowed to have the conditions as such as when my ball came to rest-(more time wasted). I know the WA is at the mercy of the local club to handle this but they do a poor job. JMO -It was also mentioned by some one on the WA staff on a previous post that length of round was a reason some elect not to come back. Over the years of participating and being on the BB I have learned a lot from comments about how decisions are made and I know I am not in the majority on a lot of things I discuss on here and I have come to realize that ya’ll will continue to have around 3000 regardless of what you do, heck, over 1/2 will pay whatever you charge to come and see old buddies and get the Goody Bag (which has greatly improved) and not stand a chance of winning anything on talent and if that makes them happy, I’m happy for them. I come for the GolF Tournament and as long as I get good courses and can play in a reasonable time, Ill be back and I will complain about what I do not like. I might even be classified as Sweet Ole Bob (u can use my initials) but I may become the slowest one on the course. LOL

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