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LOL David, actually I agree with you but my posts which are made with sincerity to fix the system is also done in jest. I like to make fun of my self along the way. I always complain about my handicap as does 110% of players. Have never heard any one say, “How Im playing well, take a few more strokes away from me.” I normally play to between 5 – 6 hcp. But that being said, I know I will be off 3.9 WAM index so I have been working hard on that. At the moment I am running hot and have my index down to 4.2 and anticipate that if I play well in a tournament tomorrow I might even drop below the WAM index which will bring a smile to their face.

Hey I have no reason to complain. There are thousands and thousands of golfers who have participated in this event who will never get to the finals or win a prize. I have been to the finals twice so I am really in no position to complain but would hate to see someone one else miss out by a stroke or two due to an unfair restriction

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