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Ken Weatherford

Hey Bill! If I remember correctly, haven’t we played in the same flight for the last couple of years? A few years back, you helped my wife and I ensure skins were done correctly, because I volunteered to do them. If that was you, do you remember the guy that took over skins last year? I had a few complaints from players about his insistence on playing gross skins on the first day. I told him nobody would get in, and that’s exactly what happened, so he changed it to net skins the second day. Anyway, I completely prepared the skins sheets that first year and last year on the day the course assignments came out…and wasted all of my time last year, because this guy insisted on doing skins. I let him, but I had requests from players for me and my wife Frances to do them again this year. I think this year I may do the insisting.

Ken Weatherford

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