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david tiano

Some good ideas but…..
The WA staff can’t reserve part of the CC for people who might go, based on the size of the field plus guests they need the whole thing.
The convention center is a very large cost and yes something needs to be adjusted there. If they dropped it the would lose players. I don’t know what the answer is but I can do without it even if it was a $100 savings.

I have asked to go back to 100 player fights and have top 2 or 3 from each flight to finals, but WA staff said the biggest complaint they get is pace of play and 100-110 per course would slow it down. Ya ya I know we currently have 90-100 now.

I would like to add that everyone needs to understand that we need to grow and the largest area of decline is the age group under 49. Focus on that.
I also would like to see some stats on number of new players we have had each year for the last five. My guess is that we are 80-85% returning players.

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