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Bob Newman

Jeff M. –nice to see you on the BB. how about shooting me your email address, I had it at one time and can not find it and I have a couple questions for you if you have time. Hope all is well with you and your family. I did not catch you at CC last year as I did not spend a lot of time there. The 2nds line for Friendly’s does not help me as that is the first place I hit while everyone else is fighting the food lines-LOL–I grab 2 cups in a flash and later the long lines keep me from stopping again, I therefore only gain 5 lbs the 4 days. That is interesting that the WA is averaging 20% new players each year but is not gaining in total numbers. Have you broken down avg age of new players, I hope it is below 50. I personally like the numbers being around 3200 as it has been for the last several years but that is just my opinion. Bob

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