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Tommy Briggs

I travelled to the WA with 3 other friends and we are not this year and the cost is the primary reason, actually not the cost as much as “WHERE” the money goes.

I am an alcoholic, so for me free booze has the same appeal as the zika virus. I think it is wonderful the WA offers top shelf liquor for free, and I am amazed the lines are so short but I also know a portion of my entry fee would go towards the cost of the liquor that I will never use. One of our group does not drink and the other two buy and bring their own booze, so the four nights at the 19th hole just are a little relief for them.

As I mentioned we attended the WA as a foursome, we do not bring wives or girlfriends so the “FREE” guest passes that are included with each entry fee have zero value to us. I also recognize a lot of people bring their wives, girlfriends and children and use the WA as a vacation trip. To me the WA should charge for the guest passes, to insinuate they have no dollar value is insulting.

Obviously we are also not interested in the bands because without our wives or girlfriends the entertainment is also unused and unneeded.

I am a vegan, so the free food does not appeal to me at all. I also think standing in line for 15 minutes to get a couple of bites is more aggravation than worthwhile. I am sure there are enough restaurants in MB that you could find enough to offer a decent sized plate at a reasonable price, the restaurants still get the free advertising and people who actually want to eat can.

BTW I won my flight last year for the first time ever so I am not complaining about the golf, I am amazed at how the WA is able to get so many people off on time, finished in reasonable time and how well organized it is.

I have advocated and will continue to there should be two prices, one for the 19th hole and one without. Once you know how many people want to attend the 19th hole you can make the proper accommodations, maybe it has to be relocated to a larger country club’s facility. I have suggested rotating the 19th hole between restaurants with facilities large enough to accommodate the crowd, or just move it permanently to Broadway on the Beach.

I hope everyone has a blast we always did and I will miss seeing many of you
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