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jim mcdaniel

If the WA was 4 rounds and go back to your hotel it would be like any other golf trip. The CC and all the things that go with it is whats attractive and sets it apart. We might have one or two drinks all week and a little to eat, maybe. We’ll go into the grand ball room once or twice for only a little taste of the entertainment. For the most part we’ll look at the booths, walk around and hang out the friends we have made over the years. Laughing with and at each other about how bad we played, etc. We do go out to some nice places to eat, do a little shopping and use the beach. It’s a great vacation with our wives and each other. we wouldn’t miss it. I am truly sorry for those that can’t get anymore out of the WA than just 4 rounds of golf. I believe you are just missing the whole point of being there.
Jim McDaniel

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