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Kirk Roberts

I agree with the other gentleman. Make sure of who the skins guy is and that he is legit. My first year we had a guy who ran the skins game and flat screwed the guys over.
We had our first two rounds rained out so there was a big pot for round three. At the end of the day the pot was something like $5000. Well long story short he supposedly paid the entry for another player that was a scratch player and had a birdie on a long par three and that won the skins guy $2500. Needless to say round four had very few people in the skins when word got out that everyone had been screwed over. If he hadn’t had a very large bodyguard I would say he might have gotten his attitude adjusted!
That was a rare case but it did happen. So be careful who you hand money to. I pay on a daily basis because it’s a long week and you migit have an injury or loose interest. On that note I have won three skins on the last day when I really lost interest in winning the flight and started playing aggressive golf. LOL

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