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Rick Kimbrell

Joh, bear in mind “piece of crap” course in MB may well be something nice if it were anywhere else. A bunch of years ago, lots of people who came to WA and got a course that had bermuda greens thought they were getting a crap course because the greens weren’t bent. Now, a big majority of the courses have gone away from bentgrass greens.
Several years ago, I got Barefoot Norman. Normally a very very nice course. That year they had no greens and had put about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of sand on top of them. You simply could not putt them. To me…that was POC, or more likely a POS, course that year. Does not matter haw nice the tees, fairways and bunkers are if the greens are unplayable.
But, yes, normally you get the 1 A course, couple of Bs and a C. You will get at least one South end course, one North end course, one centrally located course and the other could be anywhere.
Remember that when we play, school has already started. Some of the courses are not on main arteries but are on local roads where you can encounter school traffic. Always leave early enough to allow for construction and school traffic delays.
If we have 9am tee times again this year…it will be great because it takes come of the school traffic pressure off.

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