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Rick Kimbrell

Daniel, have you been advised by the World Am that you are getting a 5% handicap reduction?
The FAQ section of this website gives you some information about possible reduction but it does not state by how much. That is why I am curious about you knowing you have a 5% reduction.
From the FAQ
The entrant is a new player and or has not played in the previous World Amateur. In which case, the submitted Handicap Index will be evaluated and reduced accordingly if any of the following criteria are not met:
a. Entrant does not have twenty (20) scores posted for the last 12 months
b. Entrant does not have one (1) tournament round posted in the last 12 months
c. Entrant does not have any scores posted after June 30, 2016
d. Entrant does not provided Handicap Committee with their Handicap Chairman contact information

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