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david tiano

This type player you are talking about is a major problem for us and the WA staff.

The reason is that they give the event a reputation of “sand bagging”. I have heard this since I first starting playing in this event in 2006. I believe the current WA staff has done a wonderful job in adjusting and preventing problems with handicaps before the event starts.
In the past you submitted a handicap on the honor system and no one checked on it until you went out on Monday and Tuesday and shot way low and got adjusted or DQed. Now the 12 month index is a true number of your playing ability and you can’t just throw in some “ghost” scores to inflate your number in July. Also the adjustments for not meeting the requirements helps again with incomplete handicaps.
I still don’t agree with the WA index of two best from last year. I believe it should be all scores from previous year not just 2.

Anyway that player is bad for us and bad for WA, hope he stays away or learned his lesson.

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