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Rick Kimbrell

Since the WA first started, there have been many variations of this event spring up in different parts of the country. To the best of my knowledge, no other event has one price for just participation in golf and another price for golf participation and the after golf festivities.
I just consider the convention center festivities part and parcel to the tournament. Some years I have only gone one time. More recent years, I tend to go almost every night. FWIW, my wife does not come with me to MB. She used to but she does not now. But, as far as the convention centers is concerned, again it is not about the free food and drink for me. Maybe some don’t care to visit with the guys/gals they have played golf with in years past. I do. I guess it is a different mindset. Ahhh…what the heck…not worth trying to explain any further. If people don’t want to go, no need to try and convince them to go.

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