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Bill, I had an injured wrist for 3 years and wore a brace to stabilize the movement of my left thumb. If I did not have the brace I could not swing. I was lucky enough to get to the finals and the legality of it was questioned after 12 holes and the ruling came back that it was ok. I made sure that when I put it on at the 1st hole I didnt take it off until the 18th to ensure that there was no hint that I put it on to draw and took it off to slice. Some times it gets very hot and sweaty but I just had to live with it. I wore this brace in every tournament and practice round in myrtle beach and las vegas for 3 years and was never questioned again. Fortunately enough it took 3 years to heal and I dont wear it any more. Best of luck for your recovery. perhaps a note from your DR wouldnt hurt to keep in your bag just in case the topic comes up.

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