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Rick Kimbrell

I did a Google search for “Support Golf Glove” and did not come up with a brand name that matched. What I do know about gloves with wrist support is this. The gloves that have the metal/plastic support for the back of the hand/wrist are illegal if the metal/plastic is not removable and if it is removable, must be removed for tournament play. Also, you cannot have a strap on the glove that you use to wrap around the grip of the club.
Couple of gloves I know about…SKLZ Smart Glove – this glove has the wrist guide that can be removed. As long as the guide is removed for tournament play…the glove is legal.
The Dynamics Swing Glove – it has a wrist guide made into the glove and it is not removable – even the manufacturer states it is not legal for tournament play.
There may be others. I just could not find a brand that was Support Golf Glove.

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