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Kirk Roberts

I forgot one very important thing…..Now there is always one day with CARTPATH ONLY. I see this quite often and it really gets me to either laugh or want to scream. When you get to your ball….or as close to it as you can. Go ahead and get a distance for reference and take a few clubs to your ball. None of us have to walk to our ball get a yardage and then walk back to the cart to get a club and then walk back to hit the shot. TAKE AT LEAST THREE CLUBS FOR EACH SHOT. you can take your range finder with you and decide which of the three will work. If the distance from the path is 150 take your 150 club your 140 and your 160 club. That way your covered. and if your near some trees take a punch out club. And one last thing….the pros do this but we don’t have to…..five practice swings for a 20 handicapper is too many PLEASE HIT THE BALL IN THIS LIFETIME. Last year I had a guy in a skins game that took 45 seconds to hit after he addressed the ball. WE COUNTED several times and it was 45 to 50 seconds to hit after he finally addressed his ball. YAWN…zzzzzzzz

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