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Rick Kimbrell

Tom McCain is dead on about bringing a change of clothes. It is pretty miserable having to drive 1/2 hour to hour back to the hotel/condo in completely soaked clothes.
If you have never been to the WA before, I cannot impress upon you enough that you need quality rain gear. Unless the course becomes unplayable or there is a threat of lightning in the area…you do not stop playing just because it is raining. This is not your Saturday fun round with your buddies. You keep playing in the rain. I have played in a tropical storm when the rain was coming down sideways and they did not call it. So, your rain gear really needs to be WATERPROOF…not just water resistant.
And, if they call you in…don’t assume they are calling the tournament round and you will not go back out. If you leave the golf course and they start up play again…DQ.

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