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Aaron Ellis

Tom your login is your same info you used for Handicap Verification, Player # and the Password they gave ya.

I agree with Rick K on your courses Josh W.
Blackmoor is a well known gem that a ton of people in the Myrtle Beach area love, has some risk reward holes. River Hills is one my favorites in MB as well, ive always played well there for some reason, but like he said quite a bit of water, but can score well if you can hit the ball well, Heathland being a Legends course will be a better course and Pawleys Plantation is one of the nicer courses you can play in the Grand Strand, If you rated them based on people getting an A, 2 Bs and 1 C, id actually say you got and A in Pawleys and 3 B’s in the other 3, id feel good with those 4 course!

On the other hand I did luck up and get some decent courses myself for flight 8,
Sea Trail – Byrd which will probably be the worst, ive heard that Sea Trail has struggled in the past with their greens due to they are bent grass, so we shall see
Prestwick, which I played back in Jan in the cold ass weather and it windy as hell, and had rained the day prior, course looked amazing and has a nice layout, the conditions sucked that day and so did my golf!
Burning Ridge, never played this course out near Conway, heard mixed reviews
Caledonia – finally in my 3rd year I draw the crème de le crème! Thankfully this is the 4th day, which could either be awesome or awesome, being awesome that I have a chance and it being tough enough that its anyones game, or awesome that if I have played like ass for 3 days that I get the best course on the final day to enjoy some beautiful golf!

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