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Josh Wurzberger

Rick K/Aaron E,

Thank you guys for the info. I do feel much better. Most of those I believe are older so there isn’t as much media out there on them. I have played Legend Mooreland before and it was a blast and hard as hell! I was hoping to score true blue or caledonia. I got rained out at caledonia the first year I played. I played in rivers on the greens there in 2012. Not fun!! We got called after 6 holes I think. I am curious about the 8th hole at Blackmoor. If driver is going ok or it is one of my first holes I will cut the corner through the 30yd gap in trees!


My friend and first timer down Robert Bazal from WI is in flight 7 with your same courses. Look for him. He has a bigger beard then Beef on the European Tour! Prestwick will double roll greens. They will be fast but true. Burning Ridge was nice two years ago.

By the way I wish I was still with you guys in flight 8. I won flight 8 last year!! Peaked at the end of the year nicely. Too bad I went the other direction this year.

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