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Rick Kimbrell

Legends Moorland – PB Dye course. #16 short par 4 with a bunker that is named Hell’s Half Acre. Course is target golf personified.
Tidewater – Top tier course with what I consider to be an “against the USGA Rules of Golf” local rule. There is no OB. But, there are houses along the course. No OB stakes. If you hit one in a yard and you can find your ball, you take it across the cart path and drop it…no penalty. If you do not find your ball, it is a lost ball and you return to where you hit it last or to your provisional ball that you should have hit. Gets rave reviews.
River Club, water on 14 of 18 holes, if I remember correctly. Was nice the last time I played it. If wet, can play extremely long.
Clown Park…oops…sorry Crown Park – to be honest, I played it 1 time and it had just opened. It was not ready for play and it was 27 holes back then designed (I believe) by the owner’s son who IMHO had no clue about golf or golf course design. Back then you needed hard hats to play there. They have fairways that were common between 2 holes. You are standing in what you think is your fairway and someone is aiming at you on another tee box. Now it is only 18 holes and supposed to be in nice shape. No idea to be honest.

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  • This reply was modified 7 years, 10 months ago by Rick Kimbrell.

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