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Josh Wurzberger

doesn’t work for tournament play David. If you pick up after a triple bogey and you beat someone on the last day by say 2 or 3 there would always be “what if the pick up rule wasn’t used” The guys behind you would wonder and complain that maybe you would have taken a few more shots here or there.

I’m all for watching your ball and have your cart partner watch it too so he knows kind of where it goes. if the two guys in the same cart can vouch for each others balls it would help from 4 people looking for a ball and guys on the tee wondering why the hell someone hasn’t hit yet! In my group of guys we play music and can play 18 holes in carts about 3 hours! play ready golf. nobody goes in front of birdies. share yardages. its legal. play fast. we are not pros. play like you do back home. i wish there wasn’t a rule against music. I’d play it!

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