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Dave Esqueda

Hello Cruz!

My name is Dave, and I was formally from Fresno, CA. This will be my 10th WA tournament. It has always been a great experience for me. That is why I keep coming back. I recently retired, and moved to Tennessee. Now I can drive down to Myrtle Beach, instead of flying across country. Here are some things that I have learned from playing at the WA.
1. Be patient. You will have long rounds.
2. It is usually very warm and humid, drinks lots of water.
3. Bring rain gear and rain gloves. (never used those in California!)
4. Being at sea level, with the humidity, the ball will not travel as far. For me I usually hit about 1/2-1 club more.
5. Don’t expect to play great every day. Just avoid the big numbers. Took me 5 years to finish in the top ten. I have finish, 2nd,3rd,and last year finished 4th in my flight.
6. Most of all have fun and enjoy the people that you play with.

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