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Rick Kimbrell

Cruz, you have gotten some good advice in the posts above. This will be my 29th consecutive year. I spent a couple of years in Southern California and I can tell you the grass you are going to be playing on is different than anything I played on in California. Typical Myrtle Beach bermuda fairways and rough and if it is deep, it is tough to get out of. Summertime in MB, they don’t normally have the greens running very fast so make sure you practice your putting at every course before you play. Get a feel for them. Most all are some strain of bermuda and grain becomes a factor.
Most important thing…have fun. Even if you play bad…you are coming to have a good time. Let yourself enjoy the experience.
Hope to see you at the escalator at the convention center Monday night around 7pm so we can put a face to a name.

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