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Louie Phipps

To those who in the past have waited all morning before you finally got out on the course I think those days are behind us now that the World Am has this rain check program in place. Last year my first round on Monday was at Willbrook Plantation. When I left the condo in North Myrtle Beach it looked like it might rain but I was hoping for the best. As I made my way down hwy 31 I ran into a monsoon as I approached 501. By the time I got to Pawleys Island it was a steady downpour. I made my way into the clubhouse at Willbrook and prepared to wait it out. It took less than 2 hours for the pro to call it off for the day and announce that we would get a rain check. I got back to the condo around 11 AM and the skies started to clear. After sitting around for about 30 minutes I decided to see if I might be able to play somewhere in the afternoon. I called Possum Trot and they said to come on over. They actually had a waiting list to tee off that afternoon. The conditions were not bad at all…a little bit of lift, clean and place and had an enjoyable round. All I’m saying is if the same policy had been in place last year we would not have seen all but 2 courses cancel play for the day. We would have been out there with water coming in over the floorboards of the carts, taking casual water drops from 50 feet or more, putting through casual water on the greens, taking drops outside of flooded bunkers and just having the time of our lives…!!! I don’t think we’ll see that again because now the courses can cancel and not send us out in unplayable conditions. Sorry this is going so long but when I read the posts I had flashbacks of the time at Lockwood Folly during tropical storm Ernesto when I played the final hole of the day walking down the fairway with water literally coming over the top of my shoes, getting on the green and actually floating a putt into the cup, going into the clubhouse to change out of my soaking wet clothes and putting on my dry rain suit to drive back to my condo…playing at Myrtle Beach National one day when the pro was riding around in a cart and offering us dry towels so we could complete the round…playing at River Oaks when we had a downpour just prior to tee time and the pro telling us “we’re playing today” and as we drove off to our starting holes, we drove through water so deep that it came in over the floorboard of the cart…and finally a round at the Pearl when we waited through a heavy thunderstorm for about 2 hours and then the pro assembled us to commence play and told us that if we encountered any flooded bunkers (of which there were going to be many) we could drop outside the bunker and take a one stroke penalty…the uprising that came from the players was so great that the pro went inside, called World Am headquarters and came back out and told us we could take a drop outside the bunker without a penalty stroke. Bottom line…whenever you have those kinds of conditions none of the professional or amateur sanctioned events ever played in conditions that we have played in over the years…this will be my 19th straight year so I have some vivid memories………

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