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Kurt Woch

Skin Rules!!!
We will be there by 745am.
Please pay as early so we can warm-up too.
Pay $100 on Monday and your good for the week, Saves us time.
Birdies or Better Only!!!
Must Turn-In Scorecard Signed by Other Players in group with Hole Score Circled.(It’s a good idea to enter all scores on a Course Scorecard as you play)
Turn-in Scorecard to Stephen or Kurt when you turn in WAM Scorecard to Golf Course
We will wait until the Course Pro has collected all WAM Scorecards.
Skins will be paid out, If all tied and no Skins, $$$ will be carried over for next day. New player will pay for days missed if $$$ is carried over.

My Number is 903-748-7774
See you at the Beach!!!

Call Us at 1-800-833-8798

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