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David Rollins


So nice to hear back from you. I did not want to over run the skins game, but I think it’s a no brainer.

Flights 22 & 23 – THE TOURNAMENT within the TOURNAMENT. A 54 Hole cumulative net score (WA rounds 1, 2, & 3 M,T,W) as adjusted by the WA Tournament Committee and posted at the CC, Website, or App. Paid out Thursday morning before play starts (pending final scores available before tee time).

Fee is $ 20 and is payable before play starts on Monday morning. We will yield all final scores to the WA committee and abide by their decisions as to what gets posted. We will pay out 100% of the prize pool to 20% of the partcipants. That means if all 98 golfers participate we will pay out 20 places. This makes it acheivable by almost any of us, but you got a 20% chance to get your fee back and a drink or two on the last day.

If we have 60 Golfers the prize pool would be 1200 and distributed as follows:
1st 480
2nd 240
3rd 110

4th 70
5th 55
6th 50
7th 45
8th 40
9th 35
10th 30
11th 25
12th 20

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