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Mike Sigmon

Hey Dennis for me I’d rather see gross used and I tell you why we were playing in a tournament about 2 months ago where a friend got lucky to have had a ace on a 185 yard par 3 and a guy with a 5 handicap got a stroke on this hole hit it to 4 inches made the putt knocked him out of the skin… same guy got a stroke on a par 5 about 3 holes later made 4 net gave him a net 3 he won all the skins my friend who made the ace was not a happy camper to put it mildly lol… but hey that’s my vote I’ll do what the rest of the guys want to do and if I can help would be glad to lend a hand if you need it…. And the way the world am adjust handicaps it could be a headache I mean these 2 flights are from 0.7 to 5.8 you know you are going to see some handicaps get adjusted

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