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Mike Sigmon

I’ve been in this flight the last 2 years and its always been 20 bucks each day and last year we did 40 on the last day but its always been gross score like I said I think you are just asking for trouble doing net scores…If someone get and adjusted handicap for playing good one or two days and they knock someone out of a skin then the person see that after being adjusted they end up not getting a stroke on that hole….then the person that got knocked out is going to be looking for his money…and I would be too..The first year I played I shot 78 on Monday and 71 on Tue. at wicked stick I had 27 putts…Tue night when I got to the 19 hole picked up my flight sheet seen they had adjusted my handicap so see the stroke I had at wicked stick could have won me a skin or knocked someone out of getting one either way someone could have been screwed using net score…were as using the gross score it makes no difference if you get adjusted for playing well one day…as I did at wicked stick

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