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chuck beauregard

I hear you and understand. I had this type of conversation with TPC a few years ago. Brain dead comes to mind.

However, WorldAm Tournament Committee can make it very clear to all participants that course “Drop Area” are not acceptable alternatives if they do not comply with USGA rules, given we are supposed to be playing by USGA rules.

Specifically the player is NOT to get relief from traversing the hazard and the drop area can not be closer to the hole.

Surely at least one for the four players in the group will have read the committee’s ruling and the rule will be enforced.

PS. The other thing that needs to be fixed is the website!!! I get notification that you replied and it sends me to the bulletin board, only to tell me I must be logged in to reply, but no link to log in. Navigation on this website leaves a great deal to be desired.

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