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chuck beauregard

Relative to the Drop Zone issue and rules in general, I haven’t seen any effort on WA’s part to inform the players of the rules. It amazes me how often my traveling companions would bring up that people didn’t understand “lost ball” options, or when you can use the “provisional ball” you hit, or that you can hit the “provisional ball” until you get past the original ball, etc..

Rules that should be understood prior to the event, and not have to be explained by your fellow competitor.

I did call a penalty on a player in the first round, and I must say he was a true professional about it. Yet i didn’t like having to call it and will admit I lost my focus, what little I had, after that.

I would much rather WA invest in “rules” handouts in the goodie bags than another head cover or hat. It has been a few years since I’ve seen what I have in mind but it was an accordion folded full color explanation of the basic rules. It was about the size of a pack of cigarettes and would easily fit in a golf bag for reference.

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