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Rick Kimbrell

Couple of things come to mind.
This can never happen…”However, WorldAm Tournament Committee can make it very clear to all participants that course “Drop Area” are not acceptable alternatives if they do not comply with USGA rules, given we are supposed to be playing by USGA rules.”
Reason it can never happen…the WA TC is not at every course. This is why they rely on the Pro at the course being played. If the course deems a Drop Zone and I am required to take a drop…I am using the Drop Zone listed in the course handout for that day even if it does not comply with USGA regulations. I am not about to get penalized for playing from the wrong place. It becomes a matter of “Well, the WA TC told me this versus the golf course in their daily hand out says this”. The player is going to lose. The information on the sheet handed out by the course is the gospel when it comes to condition of play. The WA TC supposedly handles all of this before the tournament how the competition is to be conducted with the course. Does the course ignore it?…I guess but the TC has to handle with course/pro.

I do my best to prevent any player from being penalized if I can catch it ahead of time. If I see someone playing in front of the tee markers, I try to stop them. If someone is about to take an illegal drop (within the rules we are playing by), I try to stop them. If someone marked their ball and moved it on the green, I do my best to remind them to put it back in original spot. If someone is going to have to take a penalty drop, I will do my best to go over their alternatives with them if they want to know them.

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