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Jason Moore


Was talking to you as we walked out of Heritage to our cars about this as well. I played in flight 2 and since we are the only 2 flights that play 6,800 – 7,000 yards I think consideration for this should be looked into it. The course set up could truly feel different each day. Our rotation was excellent despite the greens at Shaftsbury Glen. I would like to see better chances to score and make birdies. Lowest gross score in flight 2 all week was 73 and hardly anyone under par net. If you want to attract strong players and a younger crowd guarantee 2 solid courses like Heritage, Caldonia, True Blue and River Hills. I’m turning 40 in a month and Flights 1 & 2 had a younger field then most we have to have more then 95 People under 50 with a handicap from 0-5 hcp. I will continue to support the WA as its a great tournament with great people playing. I read these posts and just thankful we didn’t have any of these issues. This from a guy hitting 10 off the 16 tee at River Hills luckily my playing partners found my first ball for me as I was trying to drown myself in a pond. I did declare for you rules guys a provisional and hit different balls Titelist, Snell, Taylormade, Bridgestone and finally a NEON YELLOW VOLVIK split the fairway!

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