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chuck beauregard

Well it seems I’m not the only person that is discussed with the “drop areas” on many of the Myrtle Beach course or the way WA handles it.

I asked my Regional Golf Association Rules Chairman about drop areas and here is what I got back from him/

“Thank you for the email. In terms of locations of dropping zones, there is no rule on where those are to be placed. A Committee can establish them wherever they like. Ideally though, they should be placed where a player would still have to negotiate a hazard.”

Relative to Rick Kimbrell’s point about the handout sheet. I don’t believe (could be wrong) it says you must drop in the drop zone, it only says there are drop zones. Player’s are allowed to exercise their options relative to the existing rules of golf on how they want to proceed.

In my mind the tournament Committee is WA and not the golf course or pro, therefore WA sets the rules. WA can easily have a Tournament Rule on the standard sheet that says, “Any course drop zone that does NOT require the player to negotiate the hazard, is NOT to be used. Breach of this rule – Disqualification. ”

Thanks for letting me vent!

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