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Rick Kimbrell

I have been “loosely” following this conversation. From my experience (29 years) with the WA, I have found several things that come into play in this discussion. 1) smaller facilities, you normally deal with the pro and have a better chance of getting results. 2) larger facilities (Legends for example) you probably are dealing with people who are just “hired help” and are not really the responsible party (pro) you should be talking with. 3) at both large and small facilities, many times the pro is WRONG on his rulings, even if you point it out in the ROG yourself to him. (Indigo Creek comes to mind). 4) if you want to make sure action is taken, you have to report it to the WA Committee yourself (room setup just beyond the pairing sheets room) and make sure you have facts/names/pertinent info all written down. Do it the day of the infraction….no later. I have been called into that room more than once over someone reporting something that happened in the group I was playing in. The Committee does a good job of trying to gather the facts from everyone who was in the group.
I do agree with the WA…the competition is closed. Nothing is going to happen now and that is the way it should be.

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