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Hey John …. I think I would fit right in to a gross / scratch flight

My game is pretty Gross and I am a scratch golfer. I write down all the good scores and scratch out the bad ones.

On a side note buddy, my wife isnt doing very well. She been in ICU for two weeks and we thought we were going to lose her this weekend but they have isolated the problem and she may be coming home soon. Family discussion and its best that she spends what time she has left at home with family at Christmas rather than in a hospital bed.

Please keep in her prayers that she atleast makes it through Christmas

Would love to bring her down in March but I dont know if she will be well enough to travel, she absolutely loves Greg Normans Steak House and would love to take her there just one more time. Fingers crossed and prayers a many.

Call Us at 1-800-833-8798

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