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Bob Newman

You need to make more trips to SC and get use to it. those of us that live here do not find it that difficult–LOL. I honestly think the last couple of years, it has bot been to bad heat wise but I do live here in SC. I was a contractor so I have always been use to being outside and have just kinda adapted to it. The key to surviving is drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated. Carry a cooler with only ice in it and soak some washcloths in it to put on your head and neck (some of the courses have rangers bring them by) {you would think that these same people could also monitor Pace of Play–but that is a different thread}. As for the gloves, figure out a way to hand them to cart so the air will dry them out better and change more frequently, like every hole to keep them from getting saturated OR use rain gloves. Master grip makes one that is great if you can get over the fact that it does not feel like a regular glove. I probably could not come to your region and adapt to the cold, just remember it is worse here in July than in late August. Glad that you and sons enjoyed the tournament.

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