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Aaron Ellis


I live in CLT, NC and I guess I am like one of the other posters that I get accustomed to the heat since I live in this area and play in Myrtle Beach, actually the weather there sometime isn’t as brutal as it is in Charlotte due to the ocean breeze depending on the courses you get. But I tend a sweat a ton and over the last 3 years at the World Am I have learned quite a few tricks for battling the weather, seems like I learn something new every year after the first one.

1) Bring Extra Gloves and Rain Gloves, Wear Rain Gloves if its raining or you just cant seem to keep a glove dry, that will give you grip, also if you are wearing a regular shot, soon as I take a shot I take the glove off, and try to put it where it wont get wet, this keeps it as dry as possible, I usually will make it thru the whole round with just 1 glove, but occasionally I may have to use 2! Wearing it as minimal as possible is a key, I don’t putt with a glove on either, but that’s just me!

2) Like someone said, don’t wear cotton/heavyweight fabrics, wear newer style golf clothing that is breathable, they make shorts and shirts like this, but do wear comfortable socks and shoes, also I tend to carry 1 extra pair of socks with me and 1 extra polo with me, after year 2 when it rained like crazy the day before the heat and humidity was unbearable, so I would wear a polo and switch after 9 holes to a dry polo so I wasn’t wearing a heavy sweaty polo that wasn’t drying out. Also both these are helpful incase we have days like this past year and it rained, you may only stay semi dry for 2-3 holes, but its very helpful in my opinion.

3) Drink tons of water/Gatorade/or anything in that type of beverage that has stuff that can replenish what you are losing, if you drink plenty of water the week leading up to the tournament it will help a ton, not just the day of.

4) Always plan for the worst, carry extra with you, even if you decide to leave it in the car once you are at the course, extra clothes, extra shoes, extra umbrella, rain jacket/suit, if you have to stop due to rain or anything you can change and it will help! Also I carry a trashbag/wetbag with me so I can throw wet/sweaty stuff in it till I can get back to wash it, so it doesn’t get stuff wet in my bag/car!

5) Have a breathable ball cap/hat, keeping the sun off of you is huge, It will cut down on the sun on your face and help keep ya cool. Can even stick a wet cloth inside it if needed.

6) Get a Chilly Pad Towel, all ya have to do is wet them with cold water and rub it on your skin and will instantly feel 10-20* cooler, can keep this in a cooler with cold water/ice and its a lifesaver.

7) Carry extra microfiber towels, I usually will have 4-5 towels in my bag, seems excessive but the Microfiber towels will wipe away sweat better than a cotton towel, once one seems to wet I just switch to another!

8) They make a Personal Golf Fan, I don’t have one, but have seen them, may be a good investment, fits into the cup holder in a golf cart and will allow ya to have airflow if you are on a course and the wind isn’t blowing!

Hope some of these suggestions are helpful, and yes it may seem like your bag will be overpacked, but id rather be prepared for the worst and try to be able to play my best!

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